Wednesday March 29, 2017

What is skoffer

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The Skoffer project provides a free service which allows you to build in “One Click Screencasting” into your website.
The goal of Skoffer is to make the web more user friendly and easy by enabling weblogs, PC support forums, wikis etc. to use screencasting.
Skoffer provides a very simple API for developers to build screencasting widgets and plugins for every desired website-software.
This plugins put a new button on your website which can be used to insert screencasts in seconds and with one click.

An example, showing the button to insert a screencast on a wiki:

The Software we provide is written in JAVA, what´s the reason that the screen-recorder runs without the need of an installation directly from the user´s browser.
The required Java version (equal or newer version 1.5 which came out back in 2004) is available for all major operating systems, is preinstalled on all Macs and most Windows PCs and is available for most Linux distributions in precompiled packages.
The recorded videos are in the very popular flash format (like Youtube etc.), and will run on nearly every browser- including the possibility to view the screencasts in fullscreen view.

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