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The skoffer api

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API version 1.0:

The simple API is very easy to use:

just put the HTML code

<applet code="com.skoffer.SkofferApplet" archive="" name=" Screencast Recorder" width="200" height="180" MAYSCRIPT>

somewhere in a HTML document to load the screen-recorder Java software.

When the user saves the new screencast, the Java applet calls the URL of the document where the applet was started with the GET variable „skofferid“, to pass the ID of the screencast.

Please note: The screen-recorder calls the document and adds

where 123456789 is an example for a video-ID

If you run the applet from it would redirect the user´s browser to
If you run the applet from it would be which would not work since the first GET variable has to follow a ? and not an &.
If "skofferid" would be the only GET variable, please make up another by your own, even if you don´t use it in your script. For example, load in the popup (no matter if the GET variable "new" does something or not. Just use it that it works when the variable skofferid is appended with an &).

You now have the ID of the video (the GET variable "skofferid") and can do with the information what ever you want.

To display the screencast use this HTML code (and replace ##URL## with the ID you have of the video):

<embed src={"playlist":[{"url":"","autoPlay":false,"autoBuffering":true,"scaling":"fit"}]} type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" allowNetworking="all" pluginspage=""></embed>

You can fully adapt the design of the player to your needs. Please consult this page (we are using the Flowplayer 3) to learn how to change the player´s colors, or how to design and integrate (integrade means that the Skoffer player loads your skin as a swf-file from an URL you specify as parameter) a whole new custom skin into the player. Please note that only this player (loaded from is supported officially. It´s not guaranteed that other flash video players will work in the future, because the streaming technology might change or new Skoffer features which work together with the player could be released.

Thumbnails (the third second of the video) are available from<skofferid>.jpg<skofferid>.jpg
(where <skofferid> has to be replaced with the video-id to access jpg-images in resolutions of 240x180 and 600x450 pixels)

Here is an example code in PHP.