Wednesday March 29, 2017

Frequently asked questions

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Please write us your questions via the contact form.

For how long will the screencasts be saved and available?
This time is not limited. Maybe however sometime in the future videos that were watched 0 times for a long time like 1 year could be deleted, to reduce cost.
We will take care that no video that is still in use will be deleted.

Can I delete my screencasts?
No. Since Skoffer does not require a registration we can not associate your screencasts with your person. If you don´t want someone to see a screencast that you uploaded don´t publish the screencast ID.
Since we use very long video IDs it´s practically impossible (there are 16³² unique IDs) to access your video without the knowledge of the ID.

What does "Skoffer" stand for?
The name is a portmanteau word out of “SKill” + “OFFER”. It´s a reference to the fact that everyone who records a screencast helps other people with the own skills.