Wednesday March 29, 2017

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  • It´s completely free
  • It is possible to record fullscreen or to choose the part of the screen to record
  • you can record fullscreen untill a resolution of: unlimited high (you can record your whole screen even if you have a resolution of 1600x1200 or higher.)
  • Possibility to record from the PC´s microphone: Yes.

(the screen-recorder records the default input device, which is probably set to microphone by default, but you can set up your operating system to record other sound destinations, too. Like: “All sound you hear” or “Line input”).

  • Possible video length: unlimited
  • Amount of recordable videos: unlimited
  • Do I or my website users have to register somewhere: No (remember: we call it "One Click Screencasting”)
  • How many viewers of my videos can be served simultaneously: practically an unlimited amount. Since the videos are stored in a computer cloud there is a theoretically unlimited amount of bandwidth.
  • Are there any duties from my side when I use Skoffer? No.

We hope you and your website-visitors like it, and that your visitors even visit your website more often with screencasts on it.

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